Home Cinema

From custom built rooms to discreet and hidden cinema environments, integrated into your current home layout, we can
design and install the perfect movie environment to suit your needs and budget.

Bespoke and dedicated home cinema rooms include; seating and design, ambient and intelligent lighting, acoustic design and
the installation and calibration of systems.

Maybe you have some attic space, a basement area or a room which is utilised for other purposes throughout the day, this space can be transformed to an evening time home cinema at the touch of a button.

However, lack of space or rooms, does not prevent you from achieving a high quality home cinema experience. With projectors from the ceiling, that can appear in the evenings for films and sporting events, with surround sound provided by discreet in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, along with a programmed hand held controller, your existing room can be transformed within minutes.

If your current decor is formal and you do not wish to have technology on show, completely hidden systems including; mirror TVs, speakers disguised as artwork and sculpture, and motorised projectors recessed into the ceiling when not in use, can be supplied and installed.

We also work alongside interior designers, architects and builders, to create an exciting viewing and listening experience.

Whatever your ideas are, call us for a free consultation.