The fastest growing trend in interior design and home building in recent years is the merging of technology with design. Discreet home automation and Audio Visual installations mean that you no longer have to compromise on interior design. Period properties can also enjoy the benefits without comprising the integrity of the building and we retro-fit many period properties.

Our experienced team of designers, will work closely with you, to develop the ideal design, to meet your individual requirements, offering a lifestyle of convenience and comfort.

With an automation system, you control all of the systems in your home, such as music, video, lighting, heating, blinds and CCTV via touch screens, remotes, keypads and even your iPad or smartphone. Maxwell AV can design a bespoke programme, created specifically for you and your home, to make life simpler, easier and safer, for you and your family.

Using lighting systems, the ambience of your home can be adjusted with the touch of a button, lighting up architectural features, artwork, garden spaces, entrances and setting the tone to 'party' or 'relax' with pre-programmed features.

If you have a large garden, you can keep an eye on your children via CCTV from your home security system. Images can be displayed on your smartphone, iPad, a desk or kitchen worktop controller or via your television.

Home automation and Audio Visual installations can also add significant future value to your property. Maxwell AV work with you, in a fully flexible manner. You can start with a smaller install if preferred and we can build in the capacity to expand it at a future date or we can work with you, your designers or architects to create a fully automated property that intelligently monitors its energy efficiency, security and entertainment systems.